Ways to Eliminate the Smell of Elderly Patient

Ways to Eliminate the Smell of Elderly Patient

Chlorine treatment:

Chlorine is a radical and frequently used anti-stench remedy. The substance effectively resists bacteria and fights against all kinds of odors. Before proceeding with the cleaning, transfer the patient to another room. First, take a bucket and fill it with bleach. Dilute with water and thoroughly rinse all surfaces. If you do not have powder on hand, use a regular bleaching agent. Remember that chlorine can damage some materials. Do not use it when working with textile coatings and foam products.

Vinegar, soda, and hydrogen peroxide:

Vinegar can prove effective if you mix it with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Wipe the furniture with the resulting solution. Rub into the fabric as needed. Air the room. The room should dry well. Then, with a weak solution of manganese, repeat the same steps.

The strong smell of urine can be removed by following this pattern:

Remove moisture from damaged surfaces by blotting with a tissue or a dry cloth.

Dilute with half a glass of table vinegar, gently wipe the stain or surface and allow to dry.

Apply soda to the stain as required.

Take half a glass of 3% hydrogen peroxide, dilute it with 200 ml of water, and add a teaspoon of any detergent. After it is thoroughly mixed, using a spray gun, apply the liquid to the stain, sprinkle with soda. Make sure enough foam is formed.

Let it dry, then vacuum thoroughly.

Other remedies:


Take coffee beans and fry them in a frying pan, pass through a coffee grinder and sprinkle adequately on the problem areas.

Banana peel         

It is a natural air purifier. When decomposed, it releases essential oils, and the room is filled with the scent of vanilla.

Essential oils        

Get an aroma lamp and pour into it pleasant aromas. They gently fill the entire room. If this is not possible, drip the essential oils on the furniture or put a piece of cloth dipped in oil on the battery.

Black tea               

Black tea is a natural odor absorber. Cover the tea in several small bags and lay them around the room. Periodically change to new ones.

Attention! These options can be used if the sick person has no problems with the respiratory system and is not susceptible to allergic reactions.

Modern methods:

Odor absorber     

It affects heavy molecules by blocking odor. You can choose any form you want – spray, powder or gel.


Breaks down microparticles, provoking an unpleasant odor. The drug is in a liquid state. It must be sprayed onto the required areas and dried.


It is a special device that absorbs heavy molecules in the room. It also helps to reduce the concentration of bad flavor.

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